Sunday, April 1, 2012

Car Insurance Guide

Car Insurance Guide - If you’re new to car insurance or simply looking around the market for the very first time, we hope that the information on our site is of use to you. Our car insurance guide has been put together by industry experts, we’ve taken away the sales pitch and hopefully provided you with what you’ve come here for…. information.
Most car insurance companies, assume that you do not know everything about car insurance. This enables them to charge you much more than they would normally. It certainly pays to do your homework and research the market before making your calls.
Also, check out the Internet for the lastest car insurance offers. Many companies offer additional discount if you purchase over the Internet.
Total costly lure of car insurance
Free car insurance is fast becoming a favourite incentive offered by car manufacturers. It’s very attractive, especially for younger drivers who have just passed their driving tests. Often, car insurance for young people is very expensive, so free car insurance becomes a very interesting offer. However, is there a hidden cost to “Free Car Insurance”? The article below written by Jospeh Kenny, explores this question.

How much car insurance
Deciding upon how much car insurance you should buy depends largely on how old your car is. There are also many other factors that you should take into consideration. These have been covered in more detail in the article below.

Rental car insurance
Whenever you rent a car, you’re normally offered a whole host of additional “services” by the car rental company. This is to be expected, they are in the car rental business and are looking to leverage other channels to increase their revenue and profits. The question is, should I buy rental car insurance?

Car insurance claim
If you’ve had an accident or a been involved in a small scrape, regardless of whose fault it was, you’re most likely going to need to complete a car insurance claim. Read through the following information to learn about this process, right from understanding you policy to why you should not release your insurers to early.

Car insurance no claims
Your car insurance no claims is like a certificate of how much of a careful driver you are. The longer you have had your no claims bonus, the greater the time it has been since you’ve made a claim on your car insurance. The better your no claims, the higher your no claims bonus which means the cheaper your car insurance premiums will be.
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